Wander Unlimited

When we began in 2016, we’d been on several of the traditional paths. We’d been upwardly mobile in corporate jobs; made lateral moves that allowed for more flexibility; packed up and head for New York; yet despite all of these predictable trajectories, we rarely found ourselves in much of it.

We were always more at home on the road. We were at home in a new place, in the thrill of the adventure. And when circumstances aligned to grant us the clear opportunity to start a business, it was a chance we jumped at. Starting your own company is a lot like that thrill of adventure, and as we infused our company vision with what we knew of ourselves, that proved to be even more true.

Wander Unlimited seemed the most fitting name, granting us permission to explore into the limitlessness of what we could be and see. We took our work on the road—north to Montana and Idaho; back to the East Coast, with a dip down south, twice; posted up in Nashville for a few weeks’ time; spent months following the coast of the Mediterranean before hopping back up to London. We’ve worked in tiny cafes in many of the world’s corners; taken turns as the driver so we can make things happen from the passenger seat; and, on most regular days, setup shop at our kitchen table (in more than one house).

This is the excitement that we want to bring to our clients: That it doesn’t matter where you are or what size you are or how long you’ve been around. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what your background is. You can take your brand and bring it to life with breakthrough creative content. From roofing companies to mortgage brokers to orthodontists, and breweries to yoga studios to clothing labels; from our hometown of Evergreen, Colorado, to San Francisco and New York, we have worked with companies large and small to help them wander through what they may have thought was limited for them.

It’s not just something we say because we like the sound of it (although, we do!); it’s a way we’ve decided to live our lives—not being limited by the boundaries set by society and tradition. We’re forging our own path, doing something new, doing something that gives us life—and we want to do the same for you too.

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